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How to Buy and Bid

Bidding on Auctions

BUYING AND BIDDING IS FREE. All registered members of MPE are able to bid and buy items with no buyer’s premium added to purchases or auctions, ever. Please remember that when you bid on an item, you create a binding and enforceable contract and bids cannot be rescinded. All bidding is by proxy bid, meaning when you enter your maximum bid, the computer will keep it secret and execute bids on your behalf ensuring that any winning bids are made at the lowest possible bid increment.

I Was Outbid Right Away

MPE works on a proxy bid system. This means that when you make a bid, the system keeps track of your bid amount as a secret maximum, and no one else can see or know how much you bid. So if you bid and were immediately outbid, it means another bidder had previously placed a higher bid than yours. MPE’s computer system will keep track of your secret bid and bid for you when another bidder competes against you in an auction (but not higher than your maximum of course).
Example: If you are the first bidder on an item that starts at $10, but you enter a secret maximum bid of $100, the current bid will show $10 and you will win the item for that amount if no one else bids. If another bidder places a $50 bid, they will immediately be outbid by your prior higher bid and you will then be the high bidder at $55.

Sniping an Auction

MPE has partnered with Gavelsnipe (www.Gavelsnipe.com) to offer FREE sniping ability for all of our auctions. Sniping allows you to be away from your computer and still bid on items in which you are interested as they close. Because Gavelsnipe is an independant 3rd party company, you never have to worry that someone will see your secret maximum bid to run up the price you will pay for an item. You simply tell Gavelsnipe which item you would like to bid on, enter your secret maximum bid, when you would like Gavelsnipe to bid for you, and they take care of the rest.

Purchasing a Fixed Price Item

The Fixed Price section is an open market place. Although some of the items are listed by MPE, the majority of material is listed by Individual sellers. Sellers set the price and determine whether to consider offers or not. MPE sets standards in terms of quality of photo, accuracy of description, authenticity, but we DO NOT dictate pricing.

Simply use the “Buy Now” button appearing next to an item to purchase it right away. You must be a registered member of MPE to purchase items. After hitting the “Buy Now” button the poster will then appear in your shopping cart where you can either continue shopping or checkout, and enter your shipping and payment information.

Making an Offer/Counteroffers

Many times on a fixed price item, the seller would consider a price below their asking price. In these cases, there will be a button underneath the “Buy Now” button that says “Make Offer” and there will be a field under the listed Buy Now price where you can type an amount to submit to the seller. Once you enter an amount and press the Make Offer button, the seller will have 72 hours to respond to your offer and accept it or make a counter-offer. If accepted, you will be billed and sent an invoice. If a counter-offer is submitted by the seller, you will then have 72 hours to respond to the seller.


When you use the “Buy Now” button, or accept a counter-offer, the purchased item will appear in the “Won/Purchased” category of your user panel where you can complete your order by providing shipping and payment information. Please note that all prices are in U.S. currency and do not include shipping and insurance. Georgia and North Carolina residents will be responsible for sales tax.

Terms & Conditions

Please see our User Agreement page



Payment & Delivery


At the end of auctions, invoices will be issued within 24 hours to all parties that have won one or more items in our auctions. These invoices will include appropriate shipping charges (including insurance), and sales tax where applicable. Payment is due upon receipt of invoices. If payment is not received in a timely manner, MPE may at our discretion cancel the invoice and suspend the buyer from future bidding.

Shipping Charges & Insurance

MPE does not view shipping as a profit center. MPE prefers to ship with and recommends the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Unless you specifically state otherwise, items will be shipped by USPS Priority and insured(up to $100 for free) if the shipment is within the U.S.  All orders shipped outside of the U.S. will be shipped by FedEx or USPS. Shipping charges are determined and calculated at the time of checkout. MPE interfaces with both USPS and Fedex to calculate exact charges based on your location. *Note: It has come to our attention that the USPS API Online Interface does not allow for First Class International Shipping(our preferred method and the most cost-effective). We are exploring other third party API applications. In the meantime International shipping will be a flat $21.00 with the exception of Canada, which will be a flat $15.00. If you require additional insurance above the $50 please request by contacting MPE via email or phone. Please note that auction based material may incur additional shipping charges if applicable, e.g., a large number of items that weigh considerably more than the norm. In many cases the buyer may incur two shipping charges if the items require two separate packages, i.e., a tube and a flat. We will always try to combine as much as possible.


Can I combine items to save on shipping costs? Yes, MPE will always try to save you on shipping costs. This service is primarily for International shipping but we are happy to make arrangements to help domestic customers save on shipping as well. We ask that you pay for the items. We will adjust shipping appropriately. With few exceptions, flat/folded items will require a separate mailer than rolled items. MPE will hold for a maximum of 3 auctions.


Sales tax

Georgia residents are required to pay 6% sales tax and North Carolina residents are required to pay 7.75% sales tax. You will be billed for sales tax unless you have the appropriate documentation on file at and verified by MPE prior to invoicing.

Payment Options

MPE accepts Checks, All Major Credit Cards through PayPal, and Bank Wire

Transaction Times

From the time MPE receives your payment, please allow up to 10 days for your items to be shipped. We will always do our best to ship promptly.

What is MPE’s Return Policy?

The best in the business. We want happy, repeat customers. If you receive your purchase and are unhappy in any way, you can return it within seven (7) days for a complete refund (provided it is received back in the same condition it was sent). BUT, if you are unhappy with your purchase we encourage you to contact us to see if we can do something to make you happy.

What if my Item Arrives Damaged?

We take extra precautions to pack our orders to prevent damage and breakage.  If despite our efforts your order does arrive damaged, please do the following: If your order was delivered by FedEx, please contact MoviePosterExchange for instructions.  If your order was shipped by U.S. Mail, take the entire order (all contents and all original packing material) to your local Post Office to file a claim. The U.S. Post Office will send the claim to us for processing. Do not repack and do not mail the damaged items back to us. This will void the U.S. Post Office insurance and we will not be able to give you a refund. MPE provides the first $50 of insurance at no cost.



How to Sell / Auction items

Why should I Sell my Posters Through MPE?

MPE is designed with sellers in mind. As a seller using our fixed price format, YOU set the price you would like to receive for your posters, and they never even have to leave your possession until you have confirmation of a sale. You also have the ability should you so choose of entertaining offers that you can accept, counter or decline.This is a feature option where you set an amount that you would consider. Any offer below the amount that you set is automatically rejected and you will never be bothered with it. Anything equal or greater will be presented to you. MPE is database driven, so as a seller you can create an inventory that you can edit, track and generate reports for. You receive automatic alerts via email as well as in your user panel when an item sells or there is an offer made. If you use our auction format, once received by MPE, your material will be listed in an extremely timely manner, unlike many of the other auctions houses.

And of course we do all this while offering you the lowest price commissions of any major movie poster seller for items you list.

Fixed Price or Auction? What is Right for Me?

It depends.

Several factors go into your decision when listing your items for sale. How long will it take to sell, What are your expectations as to price, how rare is your item, and how quickly you would like to get paid, are but a few of the things you need to think about when deciding how to sell your item. If you choose to sell your poster at auction, you will certainly get paid faster, but there is no guarantee as to what the selling price of your poster will be (though with our large client base and traffic, we get excellent results for sellers). If you choose to list your poster at a fixed price, it might sell more slowly than you wish, but you will get to choose exactly the price you want and many times that price will be much higher than what it normally sells for at auction.

Does MPE Charge to List My Items?

There is never a listing fee on MPE. MPE only takes a commission AFTER your item sells, thus producing risk-free listings for the seller.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Items One can List for Sale?

Never! MPE encourages sellers to list as many items as they would be interested in selling.

How do I pay MPE as a seller?

MPE takes care of collecting all monies for you, subtracts our fee and forwards payments to you as quickly as possible.

How are the Items Graded?

We use a 10 point system and we encourage all sellers to strictly grade according to the 10-point grading system.

Are There Different Commissions for Different Types of Auctions and/or Sales Through MPE?

Sellers of fixed-price material are charged a flat 20% fee. MPE absorbs the transaction fee of 3% that the seller would normally incur taking paypal or credit card, making our actual net commission 17%. As a fixed -price seller, you simply upload your item and when it sells you receive a buyer invoice and ship the item. Once the item has been received by the buyer you receive payment. A flat fee of $15 for domestic and $21 international (except Canada, which is also $15) is charged to buyer for shipping and passed on to you at settlement. Please note that we offer buyers a 7 day return policy so payment is issued after that time period has expired. MPE will accept small amounts of Fixed price material in advance(we handle) as well. The flat fee is 25% but it is negotiable depending on the type of material. Please contact us to discuss.

Auction material must be shipped to MPE and must be pre-approved. Please contact us via email by clicking HERE, or phone at 336.402.4123. The commission rate is a flat 25%.

Can I send MPE my items to list and sell for me?

MPE will accept limited amounts of material to list in Fixed Price for sellers. Because of the extra time commitment involved in this option, we must approach this on a case by case basis. In the event that you are interested in choosing this route, please email MPE or call Peter at 336.402.4123 to discuss what we can do to come up with a workable solution for all parties.

As stated above, Auction material must be shipped to MPE and must be pre-approved. Please contact us via email by clicking HERE, or phone at 336.402.4123. The Auction rate is 25%.

Creating a New Listing

All registered members are encouraged to take advantage of our free listings to advertise their posters for sale.

To list:

simply place your mouse over the User Panel, located in the upper right red bar header to access dropdown menu. Select Manual Upload, located under My Selling.


  • 1.Type in Title of item. Because of our powerful search function which scans descriptions, there is no need to spam the title or description with keywords. In fact, items with excessive spamming risk being removed. MPE suggests the Title line have just the movie title(space) and size(preceded by dash "-", perferably in Caps (e.g. “STAR WARS -ONE SHEET” or “GONE WITH THE WIND -LOBBY CARD #3). The listings of actors and actresses, Academy Awards received or other similar information should be done in the Description section(see #3), not the Title section.
  • Please note that Stills and Photos are not allowed to be uploaded as there are too many reproductions and MPE cannot guarentee the authenticity. If you have original, quality material you would like to list, please contact us to discuss.

  • 2. Choose Size, Genre, Decade, Country, and Condition. All of these are selected from easy dropdown menus so there is no need to type all of this in.

  • 3. Add Description. Please provide a careful and honest assessment of your poster when giving condition details in the written description and pick the numerical grade that best represents your poster on a 1-10 scale. The extent of the description is up to the seller but we strongly suggest that you add as much information regarding condition as possible. Information on the film is significantly less important than information on the item you are selling. The percentage of succesful sales rises dramatically when you take the time to do this.  MPE will remove any posters that look suspect, i.e., reproductions. 

  • 4. Choose Ask price. You will have also the option to choose "I will consider offers". If you choose this option, check the appropriate box and enter an amount that you would consider. Offers equal to or greater than this amount will be presented to you for your consideration and you will have the ability to accept, decline or counter-offer. Offers expire after 72 hours.

  • 5. Add photo. Please make certain any photo(s) you upload of your poster are clean and clear, and if your poster is in a frame, please remove it before taking a photo – MPE will remove listings where the photo is poor or shows a framed poster. MPE does not accept material photographed in plastic holders. You may add up to 12 photos but we ask that you limit the size to 500kb or less. An excellent way to minimize size without losing quality is to "Save For Web" in your photo program. For resizing multiple items, there is an excellent free program for batch resizing called Fastone Photo Resizer. You can download for free HERE. We strongly recommend this fantastic product. There are many method you can employ to maximize the quality of your photos. The two easiest methods for achieving this is to attach clips to your wall, clip poster in place, and shoot directly using a camera mounted on a tripod. Another method is to buy a sheet of metal, lay it on a horizontal surface, and use small magnets(which you can purchase at any arts and crafts store) to flatten the poster, and use a tripod with a boom arm. In either case lighting is critical. If you are shooting in a room with good ambient sunlight, there may be no need for additional lighting. If not, use indirect lighting. You can achieve this easily buy buying clip-on lamps at your local hardware store and bouncing the light of off your ceiling or other appropriate surfaces. There are also many free shareware programs available that allow you to attach a USB cable from your camera to your computer and operate camera directly from your computer.

  • 6. Select Submit. You can track all items you are selling in your User Panel under My Selling/Selling.

Accepting or Declining Offers

When an offer is made on an item you have listed with MPE, you will be notified by email (as long as the offer is above the minimum you originally set when listing the item) and you then have 72 hours to accept or decline the offer. If you accept the offer, an invoice will be generated. You also have the option of submitting a counter-offer to the interested party, who will then have another 72 hours to accept or reject your counter-offer. Both incoming and outgoing offers are controlled from the User Control Panel. All offers/counters expire after the 72 hour period.


Selling through MPE allows you the ability to hold on to your fixed-price item until it sells, unlike other online consignment sites that require you to ship in advance. This allows you the flexibility to sell the item personally if you so choose (though we ask that if you do sell your item in another venue to please remove item promptly. Faliure to so so repeatedly may result in suspension). When you have sold an item on MPE, you will receive all pertinent Buyer information and are expected to ship the item as quickly as possible. All shipments should optimally be sent within three (3) days of confirmation of purchase. Shipping is paid by the buyer at point of purchase and will be forwarded to you when the entire transaction is reconciled. In other words you as the Seller will pay to ship the item(s) but will be reimbursed when MPE issues payment to you. Buyers are charged a flat $15. Adding insurance is your option at your cost. Please note that the USPS offers free insurance of $50 on any package that you ship. MPE will be implementing an option in the near future for the buyer to request and pay for additional insurance, but is currently not available. 

How do I Get Paid?

MPE takes care of collecting all monies for you, subtracts our fee and forwards payments to you as quickly as possible in any manner which you would like (Check, Wire, or PayPal). This process typically takes 2 weeks but in part depends on how promptly you ship item to buyer. MPE provides a 7 day money back, no questions asked policy/guarentee, so you must factor this in to payment time.



My Account

Changing My Information

To update any of your personal information (username, address, credit card) simply sign into your account and then click on the “Profile” link located in User dropdown menu under My Account. If you wish to change your password, scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand side column and click on the “Change Password” link under “My Account”.

Want List

MPE offers a unique Want List Service that will send you emails and notify you when a poster title is listed that matches what you are looking to buy. To add items to your want list, click on “My Want List”, located in yor User Panel under the “My Account” column, then click “Add to Want List”.

Tracking/Watching Items

If you wish to track items (either fixed price or auction) you can do so via our “Watch List” feature. This will give you a central location to peruse items in which you are interested. All individual listings have a “Watch This Item”. Click it and the item will be added to your watch list. You can bid or batch bid directly from your watch List. There is an area where you can add any notes you might have.


Most issues come from incapatibility with older web browser versions and can easily be resolved by updating to newest version. We strongly recommend the latest version of whichever browser you are currently using, as these newer versions include support for the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript extensions which have been used in this site. If you still encounter any errors or problems while trying to navigate MPE, please email us or call us at 336.402.4123336.402.4123.

Privacy Policy

MPE values our customer’s privacy and trust. MPE will NEVER sell, share, rent, or give any information you trust with us to anyone else, period. MPE uses an encrypted secure SSL server to process all orders and provide an extra layer of protection for our customers.



Tips for Using our Website

Bidding Strategy

Many times bidders will enter a single low bid early on an item, simply to announce to others that they are aware of, and watching said item. This way it stays on their dashboard and the bidder can keep a close eye on it until it is close to the end of the auction. This will also help gauge interest in an item and possibly give the bidder an idea of where the item will end up bidding wise so they can budget accordingly. MPE’s weekly auctions do NOT have extended bidding, they have a set end time so it is important to give a lot of consideration as to what your final bid will be on any particular item. Many bidders will take advantage of the FREE sniping service MPE offers with www.Gavelsnipe.com to execute bids only second before the item ends, so no one watching the item will have time to think and place a higher bid in response. If you use Gavelsnipe, please give careful consideration to that final bid. A good rule of thumb for a poster you really want is to think of the highest price you would be willing to pay, then think if you lost the poster to someone bidding the next increment. If you feel like you would have bid again one more time, then up your bid slightly. If you feel like you are ok with losing out on the poster at that price, then you have figured out the best comfort zone for your bid.

Tracked Items

If you wish to track items (either fixed price or auction) you can do so via our “Watch List” feature. This will give you a central location to peruse items in which you are interested. All individual listings have a “Watch This Item” tab. Click it and the item will be added to your watch list. You may also bid or bulk bid directly from your watch List.

Search Results


By using a combination of our Advanced Search function located to the right of the large global search field and/or the Refine Search option dropdown fields located under main red bar in general area, you can quickly and easily sort through all material on MPE to find posters in which you are interested. Please note that on MPE, you have the ability to use keywords for searching by title only, or titles and description by choosing dropdown located at the right of the Search Bar. Please note that the default setting is by title only.
NOTE: You can right-click your mouse on an item to open it in a new tab or window to allow you to have multiple windows/tabs open and not having to be redirected.

Refine Search

You can combine different elements from Advanced Search. For example, you can click “Film Noir/Crime” under “Category/Genre” and then also click “One-sheets” from “Search all Sizes” and even then continue to click “1940-1940” under “Search all Decades” to get more streamlined search result. You can then click “1940-1949” a second time to remove the “Search by Decade” option (or the option of your choosing) and return to a search result showing all years of posters.

Search Within Tabs

You can search within specific areas as well. For example, if you choose a specific auction tab, there is a search field located in that area that will refine the search to items for that specific tab only.



Grading Definitions

We use a 10-point system for all material which easily allows any prospective buyer to visualize the condition of a poster without having to rely on a dealer’s word grade, as a number allows both buyer and seller to think of the poster as a percentage of 10 (i.e 10 = 100%, so 8 = 80% of 10, 6 = 60%, etc.).







Perfect unrestored, unused piece.


Near Mint/Mint

Unrestored poster that might have one very minor flaw, such as a slight corner crease.


Near Mint +



Near Mint

Near perfect with slightest wear.


Near Mint -



Very Fine/Near Mint

Virtually unused. May have one or two minor flaws, such as small pinholes, or light edge or fold wear.


Very Fine +

Bright, supple, and clean with a few minor flaws


Very Fine

Overall very clean. Small pinholes and/or small border creases


Very Fine -


Fine/Very Fine

May include light edge or fold wear, slight fold separations, creases, and unobtrusive stains.


Fine +



May have edge wear, creases, pinholes, tears, minor stains, surface scuffs, and minor writing in the image area.


Fine -



Very Good/Fine

Moderate to heavily worn & used.


Very Good +

Slightly better than Very Good.


Very Good

Well used. May show some paper loss or staining, rippling, tears, pinholes, edge wear, corner bumps, and/or some slight fading to colors.


Very Good -

Slightly less than Very Good.


Good/Very Good

Heavy wear and use, including signs of age, fading, edge wear, creases, stains, paper lifts, pinholes, tears, fold separations, surface scuffs, tape remnants, and minor paper loss.


Good +




Heavy accumulation of defects, paper loss, severe fold separation, staining, holes, tape, etc. Generally too used for most collectors


Good -




All the defects from 2-4, but to a greater degree






Unsuitable for most any purpose, except on the very rarest of items


How are the Items Listed Graded and Authenticated?

MPE encourages all sellers to strictly grade according to the 10-point grading system here.

Who and What is a 3rd Party Grading Service?

A 3rd party grading service is an independent company that is solely in the business of authenticating and giving an impartial grade to posters and lobby cards.

The oldest and most established of these is Certified Guaranty Company (CGC). At this time they only authenticate and grade lobby cards, then place them in an archival holder to assure their assigned grade as long as the lobby card remains in the holder.

For more about CGC, please visit their website .

Do you Offer Gift Certificates?
  • Yes! Gift Certificates can make a great gift if you are unsure what to get that special someone. Gift Certificates may be purchased in any amount you desire. Contact us at info@Movieposterexchange.com if you would like to purchase one.




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